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A temperament test to ensure that your dog can be accepted into any of our programs.  The orientation includes anxiety, leash aggression, toy aggression and any other behaviors that may present risk to your pet, other guests or staff.


Lots of fun playing in a safe, healthy, supervised environment. We have activity days every month, including pool day, sprinkler day, bubble day, craft day, ice cream day and many more! Our dogs are on a rotating nap schedule, during which, all pups get their own water bowls with plenty of refills and any lunch or snacks brought. We are now offering Puppy Daycare starting at 12 weeks of age!

Half Day
(0 – 6 Hours)


Full Day
(6 – 12 Hours)


Half Day Puppy
(0 – 6 Hours)


Full Day Puppy
(6 – 12 Hours)


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30 Days Package


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Frequently Asked Questions About Daycare

What will my dog be doing at doggy daycare?
Your dog will be having so much fun at doggy daycare! Your dog at Pampered pets can play with other dogs, socialize and receive attention and care from the staff at the daycare. We also have activity days throughout the month to make sure your dog is always having a good time!

What kind of rest does my dog get at daycare?
We have naptime in 2-hour rotations between our groups of dogs! You can rest assured that your dog will get adequate playtime and rest at Pampered Pets!

Do you have any extras you offer for my dog?
Yes, we offer paid extras such as peanut butter kongs and smoothies!

How do you accommodate elderly dog/dogs with disabilities?
Our Staff has a lot of experience with elderly dogs and dogs with disabilities and we accommodate that by making sure they receive the proper attention as well as being placed in the proper group.

Do you accept bully breeds?
Yes! Absolutely! Pampered Pets aim to be as inclusive to all breeds of dogs! As long as your dog passes our orientation, they can be accepted into our program here at pampered Pets!

What kind of care will my dogs get at Pampered Pets?
Dogs at Pampered Pets receive a range of care and attention from our staff. This includes providing them with meals and fresh water ( in their own bowls) , supervising them during playtime, getting outside every hour and ensuring that they have access to clean, comfortable areas to rest and sleep, as well as administering any necessary medications for no additional charge! We only administer oral medications. Additionally, we offer socialization services to help the dogs learn good manners and how to interact appropriately with other dogs and people

Do you have any restrictions on the types of dogs that can come to your daycare?
No! We do not discriminate against breeds at pampered Pets! Any and all dogs are welcomed as long as they pass our orientation which is a 5+ hour period where they will interact with other dogs and make sure they’re a fit here! Who will be watching my dog? We have an amazing, handpicked staff who have and love animals! They are knowledgeable about dog behavior and are able to provide high-quality care for the dogs in their care!

What’s the smallest amount of time I can drop my dog off?
You can drop your dog off for as little as 1 hour! We do want to make it known that you will still be charged for the half-day price.

Why do people bring their dogs to daycare?
There are several reasons why people might bring their dogs to daycare. One of the main reasons is to provide their dogs with socialization and playtime with other dogs. This can be especially important for puppies, who benefit from early socialization to help them become well-adjusted and friendly adult dogs.

Additionally, bringing a dog to daycare can also provide them with mental and physical stimulation, which can help prevent boredom and behavioral issues. Another reason why people might bring their dogs to daycare is for convenience. Many people work long hours and are not able to spend as much time with their dogs as they would like. Doggy daycare can provide a safe and supervised environment for dogs to stay while their owners are at work or busy with other activities. This can give dog owners peace of mind, knowing that their dogs are being well cared for while they are away.

Overall, doggy daycare can provide a range of benefits for both dogs and their owners. It can be a great way to ensure that dogs receive the socialization, exercise, and care they need to be happy and healthy.

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$50.00/24 hours

Puppy Boarding

$63.00/24 hours

During the day your pup will play at daycare, and at night be given their own safe place to sleep. We send an update to you every morning with how much fun your pup has been having, along with a picture!

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding

How will I know my dog is okay while I am away?
We send you daily updates on how your dog is doing with pictures! We want you to have peace of mind that your dog is well being taken care of while you are away!

Is anyone on site throughout the night?
No. Pampered Pets does not have anyone on-site overnight, but gets there early in the morning to ensure everything went smoothly.

Are there any minimum requirements for Holiday dog boarding?
There is a 3-night minimum for dog boarding during Holidays! We can do 1 or 2-night boarding but you will be charged for the full 3 nights.

Do you provide food for the dogs, or do owners need to bring their own?
Owners need to supply their dog’s own food while boarding. We require all dogs being boarded have their own food to reduce the risk of diarrhea or vomiting.

What does my dog get with your boarding services?
Your dog gets their own crate, water bowl and extended breaks on the weekends and holidays! The boarding services are integrated with our daycare services so they will also receive all the awesome benefits of our daycare!

Do you have any pickup rules on weekends or holidays?
Nope! We allow pickup on weekends and holidays as we are fully staffed on all weekends and holidays including Christmas and new year!

Can I leave anything with my dog while they’re being boarded?
You can bring their toys, blankets, and medications as well! We cannot administer injection medications like insulin.