A temperament test to ensure that your dog can be accepted into any of our programs.  The orientation includes anxiety, leash aggression, toy aggression and any other behaviors that may present risk to your pet, other guests or staff.


Lots of fun playing in a safe, healthy, supervised environment. We have activity days every month, including pool day, sprinkler day, bubble day, craft day, ice cream day and many more! Our dogs are on a rotating nap schedule, during which, all pups get their own water bowls with plenty of refills and any lunch or snacks brought. We are now offering Puppy Daycare starting at 12 weeks of age!

Half Day
(0 – 6 Hours)


Full Day
(6 – 12 Hours)


Half Day Puppy
(0 – 6 Hours)


Full Day Puppy
(6 – 12 Hours)


10 Days Package


20 Days Package


30 Days Package



$45.00/24 hours

Puppy Boarding

$58.00/24 hours

During the day your pup will play at daycare, and at night be given their own safe place to sleep. We send an update to you every morning with how much fun your pup has been having, along with a picture!